My court visit: Everyday Justice

My court visit: Everyday Justice

Most people in the UK expect our government to be hot on their toes to put away the criminals who try to disrupt our society and its rules. Although this may be the case for many, there are some parts of the court and its system which isn’t as simple as it seems.

During a trip to a court in Highbury & Islington on the 3rd December, I had the chance to experience this system in person. Whilst I was there I got to watch three different cases play out and the outcomes for each offence. Whilst the court was in some disarray to begin with, the Magestry’s and their legal advisor were quick to effectively deal with all the cases as each defendant has a time slot.

Overall, my experience at the court was good and it taught me a lot about the way our government deal with certain types of crime. Most of the cases I witnessed was about drunken assault and theft, and the perpetrators even has some family members in the public stand with us. One of the things I learned at the visit that surprised me, was that any Majesty court is open to the public for them to come and watch free of charge. I think this is a great way for young students, like myself, to gain experience and learn more about our justice system.


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