How I Got Into Automotive Photography

How I Got Into Automotive Photography

Hi, welcome to my first blog!

One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is photography. I started to get into photography when I took it as one of my A-Levels in Sixth Form. I learnt a lot from studying it for two years and it has changed the way I now perceive the ever changing world around me, even when it comes to everyday things.

During my last year in Sixth Form, I was set with my final exam project where I had to create a sketchbook and final piece. I decided to choose ‘Parts & Sections’ for my exam question because it was something that I hadn’t done before and it allowed me to experiment with new skills.

Towards the end of my exam I took a more open minded approach to what I wanted my final piece to be. I started to make small comparisons between human beings and nature, just to show the basic similarities and differences of these two different worlds.

During the end of my first year at Sixth Form, and moving into mid December time, is when I started to experiment with my photography and I realized how much I enjoyed it as a hobby. I would try to photograph anything I could whenever I had the chance to borrow a camera from my photography class for the weekend. But since I didn’t have a camera of my own I never really tried to use one as much or really knew how to (just the basics taught by our teacher). When Christmas came along, I got given my first digital camera – a Nikon D3400. 

My first pictures on my camera role consisted of blurry mugshots of buildings and people (and even if most of them were out of focus and blurry) I think that I was just so excited to test it out that I didn’t care what I took a picture of – just the fact that it was going to be my picture on my camera. So, for the next couple of months I researched videos and websites on how to use the camera and when I had the basics done I mainly just used it for my school work (which was a big advantage for me as I now didn’t have to borrow any camera equipment and worry about returning it).

Fast forward a few more months and by April I was beginning to photograph at events I would attend with my boyfriend and friends. These events were mainly car shows; where hundreds of modified cars from all over the UK (sometimes including cars imported from other countries) would be on display for the public to enjoy.

I’ve attended quite a few events now and I really enjoy the atmosphere of being at them, everyone seems to get along and it brings people from all different places and backgrounds together. I don’t quite know what my future plans are for my photography as it is just a hobby for me right now, but I would like to widen my knowledge and experience of the automotive photography scene, starting next year when I can upgrade my camera equipment and such.

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