Q&A With An Event Specialist

Q&A With An Event Specialist

Chris Cole is a thirty-six year old from South London who works as an Event Specialist, which has played a role in his passion to produce his own music as a hobby.


Q&A Interview:

What are the main duties and responsibilities that come with your job?

Chris: Well we have to organise promotional events for whatever reason, set up and take down displays, interact with potential customers, and we must review the effectiveness of that particular event and write up a full report.

And what challenges could an Event Specialist face?

Chris: There’s always a risk when doing this job. From displays breaking to unhappy customers; you have to be organised and able to think on your feet for any challenges that appear.

What do you find to be the most rewarding about being an Event Specialist?

Chris: By doing this job you have the opportunity to travel to places all over. I’ve also met a lot of new people and I’ve even seen a few celebrities at concerts and gigs I’ve helped set up!

Have you ever met any famous people whilst working? For example, if you were to set up for a concert or gig?

Chris: I recently helped set up the premier for Netflix’s new movie ‘6 Underground’ which was cool, and saw some familiar celebrity faces whilst doing so but unfortunately we had to leave before I got the chance to meet anyone.

Would you say that your job has influenced how passionate you are for music?

Chris: I would say its helped me realise how much I like listening to music and creating my own songs, however this is just a hobby that I’ve had before I started working as an Event Specialist but it does help when I’m putting together the sets and take inspiration from it.


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