The Underbelly of Southbank


Tucked away behind the seemingly endless stretch of river that makes up the south bank, is the Underbelly Festival. By night, a popular venue for young professionals looking for a place to relax and appreciate a night out, after a long and stressful day at work. While transforming into the ideal location for tourists, particularly on Sundays, enticing families in with its bright decorations and outdoor set up.

“The festivals popularity has boomed in recent years” according to Ben, a member of the bar staff who has worked with the festival since its opening, 5 years ago in 2012. The Australian cabaret groups “Briefs” have played a colossal role in the festivals positive reputation and rising popularity, with its “unique”performance.

Elizabeth Abbott a former student at Manchester University and an employee at the festival, told us off the “masses of food and drink options” such as, Waffle On, Prosecco cocktails, the Heineken bar along with the “lovely atmosphere of the festival”. The extra expense of food and drink however makes it understandable why younger professionals such as Mark, 24, prefer the venue and think of it as “a chilled place to drink with your friends”, compared to students who perhaps prefer a more lively and budget friendly scene.