Journalism In Digital

Over the past century print media has been the prime source of publishing articles and stories for the publics consumption. However over the past 10 years in particular the digital age has come about bringing along with it social media, and allowing print media to move into a digital form.

With the ability to publish articles and stories online and harbor social media as a further means to push content out to a wider audience, its no wonder print media is beginning to slowly die.

With online news websites such as Sky and BBC news being able to regularly update information as stories continue to unfold, and post breaking news as and when it happens, print media has little comparison.

The days of news papers being delivered to your door for convenience is essentially redundant now with the World Wide Web and an abundance of news sites just a click away.

Despite the obvious benefits of digital news, the sad fact of the slowly dissipating print media era, comes along with the loss of actual storytelling and narrative, with very few online articles over 1000 word becoming viral and reaching a larger audience, the majority of online articles are reduced to the basic facts with little input from the writer themself.