The Audio Production Awards 2017

The Audio Production Awards were bigger and better this year, being presented by MBE Trevor Nelson and supported by celebrity guests such as politician Ed Miliband and Nick Grimshaw.

With 23 award categories to get through the night kicked off with the award for ‘creative documentary feature maker’ won by Hanna Walker Brown. Followed by ‘Best Comedy Producer’ with the award going to Matt strong, his work being described as “mastery of both established and new programs” with the runners up, Benjamin Partriqge taking the silver and David Tyler coming up third with bronze.

A heart felt speech followed from Dotun Adebayo, a regular presenter on BBC radio 5, who thanked his wife and children for helping him with his career and helping him win his first award, before leaving the stage teary eyed.

The final award was presented to PRA Productions for the ‘indie of the year’ award.

Despite the event running out of the complimentary food and drink before we arrived and the slightly rude presenter Sonali Shah who insulted a percentage of the audience with her jokes about students, the night ran smoothly with entertainers such as Richard jones, a Britains got talent winner, performing magic tricks on stage and the winners and runners up leaving with smiles and sparkly glass awards in hand.

Jauz at Electric Brixton

Jauz played at electric Brixton last Friday supported by Sente, Holy Goof, Grand Theft and Darkzy, in an event run by the popular UKF music brand.

For anyone who has a love for bassline this was the place to be and it didn’t disappoint, with the artists playing from 10pm until 4am, despite the event having been advertised to run until 6 am, a crowd of over 1000 people, and a mass of cheap drinks, the atmosphere was described as “insane” on Skiddle reviews along with being rated 5 star.

Having queued for over an hour to get into the arena, we were able to catch the last 20 minutes of holy goofs set, where remixes of Katy B’s ‘on a mission’ were played and holy goof originals such as ‘eyes on you’. Following this was the artist grand theft, who despite being announced as a special guest was practically shunned off stage at the end of his set with the crowd’s huge anticipation for the main artist Jauz to get on the stage and play his set.

Matching the audience’s anticipation Jauz took to the stage with confetti and exploding from the ceiling onto the crowd as the beat dropped in the first song, sending the audience bouncing and flying in all directions in the mosh pits that opened up. Despite Darkzy being a favourite artist of mine sadly his set just couldn’t follow that of Jauz being slightly dull in comparison, with a fair amount of the crowd heading home during the middle of his set.

The Underbelly of Southbank


Tucked away behind the seemingly endless stretch of river that makes up the south bank, is the Underbelly Festival. By night, a popular venue for young professionals looking for a place to relax and appreciate a night out, after a long and stressful day at work. While transforming into the ideal location for tourists, particularly on Sundays, enticing families in with its bright decorations and outdoor set up.

“The festivals popularity has boomed in recent years” according to Ben, a member of the bar staff who has worked with the festival since its opening, 5 years ago in 2012. The Australian cabaret groups “Briefs” have played a colossal role in the festivals positive reputation and rising popularity, with its “unique”performance.

Elizabeth Abbott a former student at Manchester University and an employee at the festival, told us off the “masses of food and drink options” such as, Waffle On, Prosecco cocktails, the Heineken bar along with the “lovely atmosphere of the festival”. The extra expense of food and drink however makes it understandable why younger professionals such as Mark, 24, prefer the venue and think of it as “a chilled place to drink with your friends”, compared to students who perhaps prefer a more lively and budget friendly scene.