The most significant development in digital news

The way in which news has been perceived is has changed within the last 20 years with the introduction of social media. This is what makes it all significant. Facebook has been the epitome of news being brought it to people who tend to not watch the news from T.V. this allows stories from all over the world to be heard by a lot of demographics also will get a range of perspectives from different people. News reported from newspaper articles have become very old fashion. It is very rare to see a younger generation pick up a newspaper instead will be seen with the news on their phone. It is proven statistically that from 2014-2018 facebook has been used more than the other social media outlets to use for news (36%). This shows how vital that a different core of audience are aware of stories in a way which they all connect.

A lot of this sort of information comes from the sports sector such as in football when a player is rumoured to move to a new club or other news regarding a player or the club. This shows that despite the fact it is a secondary source it is more reliable than other primary sources.