The rise of rap talents in Peckham

The rap scene in South London has come under the microscope a lot in recent months or years due to the supposed violence it promotes and the graphic lyrics.

There have been stars from Peckham that has risen to become a legend in the rap scene in the UK and he has set an example for people who have come from rough backgrounds like him to rap about his struggles and expresses his feelings in his own platform and his own unique way.

However there has been a negative effect on some of these young talents as in the summer of 2018 young boy in a gang named ‘Zone 2’ in Peckham had been murdered by an opposition gang called ‘Moscow 17’ which then retaliated with murdering their gang member named Siddique Kamara also known as ‘Incognito’.

This has set an example that drill music has gone a bit too far, however, it is regarded as the only way these young boys explain their lifestyles and what they go through.

This could all be due to the lack of support they receive to get out of the environment they are in.