New Scotland Yard’s gang matrix is affecting the youths



Thousands of names have been leaked from Scotland Yard


Scotland Yard has put a number of young black boys’ future in jeopardy due to “serious breaches” have caused the way in which they operate their database in regards to gangs in London.

This database was brought in to log on to see who is or has been involved in gang crimes and to take action against those who are involved. this has caused an issue and confusion in regards to people being mixed up as the perpetrators or the victims. 

With the number of young people being stabbed such as the incident outside Clapham Junction station and the stabbing outside a chicken shop in Bellingham. The casualties are likely to increase with the rise in number only getting higher. Also with peoples lifestyles in danger, the Scotland Yard needs new ways of investigating gang crimes.

A man is suing Scotland Yard for having his name appearing on the database that was leaked online. The man, whose name remains anonymous is 28 years old and is concerned for his and his families safety. This has caused the man’s lawyer Victoria Richardson stating the family is left “exposed” and left worried about their safety. 

With the rise in gang-related crimes in Peckham, the names in these leaks will put more families into more pressure and feel a lack of society.