Spoof Brexit shop opened in Peckham

Marmite parody sold in the store (Evening Standard)

A Brexit shop has been opened in Peckham to show post-Brexit price increases in a Black Friday stunt. The ‘Costupper’ store in Peckham High Street was opened by the People’s Vote campaign who now claim that households will on average have to pay  £546 more on goods due to the sterlings drop in value.

They have stacked their shelves with parody items such as ‘Brexitmite’, ‘Green Giant Prices’, ‘Vanishing Economy’. The campaigners also believe that the quality of the products will also drop as they have stocked ‘hormone-injected beef’ and ‘wilted flowers’. 

One of the campaigners John Stalliday, who runs the shop spoke to the Evening Standard said, ” Things like hormone-injected beef, wilted flowers because of long customs queues and empty drug shelves are all things we may find in our shops after Brexit”.  

“On Black Friday, people are getting really good deals. We aim to highlight how Brexit is going to be a really bad deal for this country. This shop shows how Brexit is going to hit people.”

Although he stated that he is not selling anything but it’s for something for people to take a look at.