London’s new war memorial unveiled in Walworth Square

There was a new war memorial unveiled on Thursday in Walworth Square. It was designed by Scottish artist Kenny Hunter and is ‘I’ll hold my human Barrier’. 

The statue is an anonymous youth standing on a fallen ash tree and it has an inscription of a line from a poem “Against the armour of the storm Ill hold my human barrier”. 

At the event, the people in attendance included Southwark Mayor, Councillor Catherine Rose, who placed a wreath in remembrance along with children from Boucher Primary school and St Johns Primary School and Bermondsey and Old Southwark MP, Neil Coyle.  

This Statue was to mark the centenary or armistice day and to commemorate those who have been affected by war and conflict around the world. 

It was commisioned by Southwark council with the help of Lendlease and the Contemporary Arts Society.