Creed II review

Creed II has lived up to my expectations as the eighth instalment of the Rocky franchise.  It has sure made its status for me as an iconic film for the ages.  The throwback of Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago to make sure that the storyline of the film made almost 30 years ago had its legacy continued and it did continue in style.

I went to the screening which was shown in the Vue cinema in Westfield, Shepherds Bush and the reception in the screening was amazing. You could almost feel the excitement within the Cinema and the way in which the cinema was packed out you could hardly see any empty seats.

The movie was a complete success with the way it engages with the audience suitable for all ages and had a mixture of action drama and a lot of emotion involved in the storyline. I would go and watch it again no question whatsoever and if you don’t you will be missing out for sure. 

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