JLDN News Show review

Journalism students at work

On Thursday I attended the live show for JLDN news, hosted by the second year journalism students at London South Bank University. It was a nice experience to be a part of as a first-year journalism student I thought it was good for me to see what it would be like for me next year knowing it will be me doing all this in my lessons.

The whole newsroom seemed to be very busy as every individual in there had a role to complete and they all had to complete a task. Nobody was left out as there was always something to do. I was able to get involved in the radio show and I was given the opportunity to be asked a question about a topic which was fake news and it was a pleasure to be able to share my opinions on it.

Also, the process of being in control of the radio is quite simple and it was about 15 minutes which we were on air and was a real pleasure to be a part of the whole thing.