The State of Union Infographics

The first infographic I chose was The National Post in 2012 which shows and specifies the same words which the past presidents used and compare and contrast the different topics being discussed. Also, it shows works that are not the same but are different in context such as ‘free’ and ‘freedom’. The pros in this includes that it is very detailed and clear to figure out what words that are highlighted specifically. However, it is difficult to read and you may have to zoom in to get a clearer view.

The second one I chose is the Vox 2016 which show the different topics discussed in each of the union speeches and the topics which covered more emphasis compared to other years. In the graph the word used more frequently than others was the word ‘jobs’ this show clear evidence that employment could have been a vital topic and an important agenda in his speeches. A benefit to this is that is clearly shows the topics which are mainly covered and which ones he makes important. A con however, could be that it doesn’t give a clear indication to why they are important.

The third one I chose is the other Vox 2016 showing that Obama was the ‘wordiest’ speaker ever. This shows that Obama has been able to use a lot of words and enhance his vocabulary in his speech which makes him comparable to Clinton. A pro in this is that it does show he does delivery his speeches well. A con could be that it doesn’t specify how important the topics he speaks about are.