Statistical claims

Tim Harford makes a few valid points on statistics and how they are explained, what is the real meaning behind and basically what it is. It is important that statistics are accurate such as where it came from and to also double check the website is real. He also states that it is important to look carefully of what the infographic says such as the way in which the time scale is measure if there is one an example he used was ‘inequality is rising’ but we do not know when it started from it could have been anytime.

On the whole I agree with the points he makes as he does specify on how statistics can con readers and he does make it clear on that we must fact checked. Another thing, is that the way the template of graphs could be deceiving because it makes it look bigger than what the reality of it is.

One way statistics could be misleading is for example when a football players performance has been analysed. One player could have scored a goal but the performance may not be better than the other.