Adan’s Infographic Workbook

looking at different infographics: looking at different infographics regarding WWII casualties

looking at

looking at CW brief

learned how to use data graph to get a clear and accurate assumption


we learned about facts statistics and lies

we looked at how reliable some statistics can be

also learned how to figure out mean, median and range

difference between percentage and percentage points

we also looked at different infographics that may look in favour in something

I managed to find stats and facts to support my claims

Used these statistics and put them into pie charts to helps support my claims and compare with different regions.

I spoke to members of the green party to keep me updated as well.

I updated my work to keep the statistics more recent.

I changed my work slightly to keep it more recent

I also made sure that the sources were referenced at the bottom as well to sure where I got them from

I used visme to do my infographic also 

I met with Michael to show my draft.

I went an found the met police website and found crime statistics in london to back my claims up.