Adan’s Infographic- Decline in youth centre & Increase in Crime


In certain areas in London, youth centers or clubs are crucial in the way some young people are brought up. Children go there for a variety of different reasons. Could be their choice or it could be simply a place where parents take them whilst they are at work.  It is used as a distraction for children and to be kept safe from any dangers and also make friends. However, for a number of years, the government have attempted to reduce the funds to support the centres. This has shown a clear indication that the lack of youth centres or the lack of support in them. 

In 2012/13  the budgets provided for youth centres have reduced by 45%. and since then criminal acts such as Theft, violence with injuries and possession of a dangerous weapon have increased. This indicates that young people are not being supported and being taught that there are other ways to survive and keep themselves as safe as possible.

in 2017/18, there was a drop in 162 youth centres in London. Followed by that, since then there was a6.84% increase in violence with injuries. There was also a 3.29% increase in drug offenses in the past year.

There has been a plan to change the budgets in 2018/19 with this affecting different boroughs, for example, Camden is expected to lose over half a million pounds in budget cuts and Brent is expected to lose £82,000. This shows the inequalities in how the government doesn’t understand how these youth centres improve these young peoples lifestyle in the future and with the increase in these cuts it will only get worse. 

This has also caused youth workers to also have to lose their jobs. Since 2012 there has been a decrease of 800 youth workers losing their jobs. which causes a major problem for the government themselves with an increase of people unemployed.

The whole issue with this is that despite all the cuts the lose of many places where memories have been made. it will still cause major issues in the long run for the government. this is because mainly the more exposed these young people are to criminal acts it doesn’t do the government any justice. It clearly indicates they are not resolving the solution but instead they are making it wore without realising it.

Certain areas in London clearly show that there is an issue with violent crimes in this city and lack of knowledge and awareness surrounding these parts of London does not support the case of lack of their support.