Has movie genre affected Oscar wins of the past 10 years?


Each year filmmakers produce creative and artistic content to show off their talent in hopes to receive the coveted best picture award at the Oscars. Are the efforts to impress the public all in vein? If you are not making a particular genre of film will you ever be given the award?

 First we looked at the data over the past 10 years and identified the genre of film that received the most “best picture” awards at the Oscars. 40% of Biographical films won the best film award at the Oscar although (this genre) was produced the most.

The Oscars began on May 16th, 1929 honouring the films of 1927 and 1928. The entirety of the show lasted 15 minutes and was not broadcasted on television or radio. An announcement took place three months prior to the show so everyone was made aware. Unlike the modern-day event, awards could be given out more than once for the same category.

Winning the best picture award has always been the highest of privileges. In the original show, it shared joint first place with the “Unique and Artistic Picture” category. Although the category was later dropped, those who received it are still respected and acknowledged for their artistic contributions. 

 I delved deeper into the issue of film genre and found out how many nominations each genre received for the best picture category. From 2007 onwards films classed as a “drama” we nominated drastically more than others. In 2010 and again in 2014 there seemed to be a shift in nominations. 2014 there were 5 biographical films nominated with “Django Unchained” ultimately winning.  

The original ceremony was known as the “Academy Awards” whereas now it is more commonly known as the Oscars, but that isn’t the only thing that has changed.

In 2016 many a-list stars boycotted the Oscars, as there was a lack of diversity in nominees. In June later that year 683 new members were added to the academy to help improve diversity, of which 41% were of colour and 46% were women.Nominations are not on a public forum and are done within the academy which is why it was so interesting to find out what they look for in movies. Assuming the academy was made up of entire old, white men their interest in biographical films seems strangely appropriate.

When taking this information into account to build an infographic you have to first see what interests you about the subject. Once researched you must decide upon a question you feel needs to be answered and progress from there. As my question is about genre I had to see what stood out for me in that category. I looked at the research for the past 10 years to see if there was a trend. Once you have surface information you can delve into a more specific are for example how many films in a certain genre get nominated for an award category. Once done you show the information through graphs.





Half Moon Becomes Whole Again

With the re-opening go Herne Hills “Half Moon Pub” rapidly approaching, lets revisit the landmarks history. 

On August 7th 2013 the area of Herne Hill a water main bursted causing flooding throughout Herne Hill and Dulwich. Along with the businesses the local pub suffered structural damages that meant closing down and rebuilding if they wanted to re-open. 

Refurbishments didn’t begin until three years after the flood. With new owners “Fullers Brewery” the pub seems to be changing it’s style. Once a venue for live music, when re-opened will also include a hotel possibly changing their clientele. The change has not gone unnoticed by the locals. Some have protested the decision to remove live music from the list of available activities. 

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what opening day looks like to judge the pubs ability to cater to the community. 

An Off The Cuff Interview

After two failed attempts the time had finally come for me to meet Tony Porter. As the owner of live music venue “Off The Cuff” Tony is a noticeably busy man. It is easy to see why we had such conflicting schedules as he seemingly never stopped working. When I arrived, I was directed by security to the Wood Shack, where Tony was behind the bar entertaining customers. I stood waiting to be noticed for a few moments whilst he served his regulars. Escorting me outside he offered me a drink before beginning our chat.   

sourced from http://www.tedkinsey.com/ut-blog/

Wearing a blazer with a shirt and jeans combo you could tell with just a glance the industry he was in. We sat on a bench which seemed to be the designated smoking area, easing himself back in his seat hand on chin. We had begun.

When asked his exact role, he leaned forward, arms on legs and said “well I run it” followed by “I own it”. Initially moving from Newcastle to pursue a career in music as a singer/songwriter, being the owner of a venue which facilitates musicians was the logical next step. Leaning back once again making himself comfortable he awaited the next question. 

the events of the day
Taken by me outside the building

Living in Herne Hill for the past fifteen years, when the opportunity to buy the converted timber yard below the railway arches arose, he jumped at the chance. “I saved, and saved, and saved, and so it began… off the cuff”. Rubbing his beard the same way most men do he said “I’d never forgive myself if in my 70’s/80’s I turn around a say I wish I’d had done that” and for that reason his passion for music guides his decisions for future endeavors.  

We spoke for no more than fifteen minutes. On one hand, it was because of his openness. He answered every question with a detailed and well-constructed answer. When I asked him about his plans for expansion the conversation picked up. With plans to start a musical charity which houses budding musicians whilst they create their music is reminiscent of his youth. “musicians can move into one of three dorms, live there for two months, rent free. Where you can record your album, and perform in front of a live audience”. Being so close to his heart, if successful he intends to open them all over the UK and further into America.

 Ultimately music is where his true passion lies in any capacity. With “Off The Cuff” providing 240 nights of live music in 2016 and 300 booked already for 2017 Tony Porter is single-handedly “Putting UK back on the map for music”. Knowing that music can evoke emotion, he ended by saying “everyone’s got a certain song that takes you through your life… the hard work it took to make that song is why I love music”. Seeming like the perfect ending, I thanked him and said my goodbyes he went in for an unexpected hug. I guess Rock stars like hugs too?

colourful artwork
Art by @jaejustj and @miaclarkdsn 


Beauty is in the eye of the viewer.

A Collateral Beauty film review – By Remeka Washington-Wint 

Watch the trailer here courtesy of Movieclips Trailers.

The moment I watched the trailer, I knew it was a must-see. I found myself relating to all the characters which is unusual for me. Each actor portrayed a multidimensional character showing their flaws and imperfection, which is comforting to an audience member. If I was more in touch with my emotions, then I would have shed a few tears.

from movies Wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collateral_Beauty

Collateral beauty is about an advertising executive, Howard Inlet (Will Smith) not dealing with the death of his daughter. Closing himself off to family and friends he writes a letter to death, love and time. After being visited by all three, he eventually learns how to move on with his life.

 Filled with an all-star cast including; Helen Mirren, Keira Knightly and Kate Winslet along with new comer Jacob Latimore. Directed by David Frankel (who previously directed “The Devil Wears Prada”- also staring Helen Mirren) and Written by Allan Loeb the film lived up to the hype. The movie takes a different tone than their previous works.


Not a complete tear jerker it had moments to laugh at but ultimately makes you think. Out now in cinemas, I recommend you go for a date night with your partner or your mum.


4.5/5 stars

Stranded and Striking

Tuesday 3rd January 2017 campaigners stood at Herne Hill train station protesting train services. Many of the protesters were holding signs given out by London’s labour party.  

The flyers handed out by labour councillors

The signs highlighted the issues and the changes they plan to make for the future. After personally speaking with Herne Hill’s labour Councillor Anne Kirby she sent me the press release on the issue. Councillor Mark Williams wrote to southern rail “This latest move by Southern demonstrates their inability to run a successful, reliable service” and highlighted the issues his constituents were having. Some of the protesters took to twitter to bring awareness to their cause, @healthyse24 tweeted “Well done campaigning for fair rail services” campaigning took place across Herne Hill, Dulwich & West Norwood against the rail services. Tensions have been building for a few weeks as passengers grow tired of the increased rail fair alongside decreased service. A resident who didn’t want to be named said “I’m sick of it, you could get to the station with more than enough time to get to your destination but due to delays and cancellations you still end up late”.

Find out more online here

Soup Saves Lives


When I think about food my head immediately goes to mums home cooking. Being of Jamaican heritage it is only right my favorite meal should be Caribbean as well. A food to warm the heart and body is soup. Made with boiled dumpling, potatoes, yam and chicken. Each bite contains a few small noodles to compliment the dish. The spicy soup has to be made from the heart, as it never really tastes the same. 

This dish takes me back to my past. It is a direct link to my Jamaican roots and is perfect for a cold, winters day or if you feel a flu coming in. But be prepared if you are not a fan of spicy food this is not the dish for you.  

A Walk Around Herne Hill

A few Sunsday’s ago I went to Herne Hill Market to see what all the fuss was about.


Last month I was corrosponding with a man named Thomas who ran and arts and crafts market every sunday. Initially he was going to be my profile interview but he got busy with work and I went another direction, but before that i took a trip to the market with my camera. Although I never made it indoor I was took a stroll around the area, along with the market and it was quite beautiful.

Brockwell Park the main attraction to the area was huge ad contained things I was unaware of. There is a scate park, duck pond and tenis courts to name a few along side the Lido. I walked through the park and thought I had Travelled the circumferance but on my way home I noticed more areas I didn’t initially see. On this particular day it was raining and when the sun came out so did a rainbow which brightend both mine and everyone else day. You could tell this from the amount of pictures being taken.

The market itself buzzing with life strateigicly placed between the train station and the local pubs. this loaction is perfect as it helps the local business recieve new customers from the market and also those coming off the train. with stall holder selling a variety of things from;home made jewlery and knittings to fresh grown fruits and vegatables.








With all the small business owners in Herne Hill you can tell the area has a sence of community and togetherness not everywhere in London is farmiliar with. When you enter a store you are welcomed by happy hard working staff and employees who enjoy their jobs. The quality of each product is of a high standard making the higher price less of an issue.   

For more information on the area or up coming event visit the official website

Sit Down, You’ve Scored With Citizen Four

citizen4I love when I’m casually surfing through YouTube videos about hair and makeup and just happen to stumble on to a new boyband. – A Band Review By Remeka Washington-Wint

Citizen Four is a RnB/Pop group made up of Carson and Connor Boatman, Austin Percario and my personal favourite Josh Levi. Recently signing with island records the group have already gained a huge following across social media. With a YouTube channel packed full of covers and some original music this boyband is headed straight for success.

Their cover of Rihanna’s hit single “Needed Me” has over 200,000 views on YouTube alone, putting them on the radar of many magazines and online publications requesting interviews, all wanting to find out the latest on this up and coming band. Teaming up with Kurt Hugo Schneider for a more stripped back rendition of Rae Sremmurd’s number one hit song “Black Beetles” is the song that first caught my attention. You really can appreciate the diversity of each member’s voice and how they blend seamlessly during harmonies.


Don’t be late to the party, click here to check out Citizen Four. You won’t be disappointed.       




Le Snail Leaving a Trail Of Disbelief Behind It – A Matisse Review

yay or neyCurrently on display at the Tate modern, the 1953 painting le snail or as it was originally titled L’Escargot is one of Henri Matisse’s final pieces. Made of gouache paper cut and pasted onto a canvas which was different to his usual painting style as Matisse had fallen ill before the composition had begun. Originally sketching the outline of a snail with some help from an assistant who places the pieces of gouache where Matisse requested, L’Escargot was born.

Taking into account Matisse was ill and on his death bed, along with the fact I have little to no knowledge of art it is hard for me to judge how well his piece was executed. What I do know is I’m not a fan. Very simplistic and almost childlike is not what I hope for when viewing art. I like to feel as though I could never achieve a similar creation as the artist is trained and I am a novice. With le snail I honestly feel it could be easily replicated. The bright colour is attractive but after a short glance I can’t say I would bother looking again.

Prior to falling ill his art work was colourful and detailed with each piece telling a personal story. Just because le snail wasn’t quite up to par with his previous work doesn’t negate from how skilled Matisse truly was. 


The painting is being held at Tate Modern, Bankside London SE1 9TG, Sunday to Thursday 10.00 – 18.00 and Friday and Saturday 10.00 – 22.00.

WordPress Questions-Recap

What is a WordPress theme?

A theme is a set style or layout that has been pre-coded to look a certain way.

What is the difference between a post and a page? 

A post is dynamic, published on a certain day and can change whereas a page is Static and has a consistent structure

How do you embed a tweet into a WordPress post? 

  1. Log onto both twitter and your website
  2. find the tweet you want to embed click the more button
  3. Press “embed tweet” and copy the link
  4. Paste it in the Text instead of Visual

What does HTML stand for? What is it used for?

Hyper Text Markup Language. It defines the structure and layout of a web document tells the browser what th page looks like

Why is a contact page important? What information should it have? 

It is important to have one so people can inform you without having access to your private contact information. It should list who to contact, email, and phone number.