Half Moon Becomes Whole Again

With the re-opening go Herne Hills “Half Moon Pub” rapidly approaching, lets revisit the landmarks history. 

On August 7th 2013 the area of Herne Hill a water main bursted causing flooding throughout Herne Hill and Dulwich. Along with the businesses the local pub suffered structural damages that meant closing down and rebuilding if they wanted to re-open. 

Refurbishments didn’t begin until three years after the flood. With new owners “Fullers Brewery” the pub seems to be changing it’s style. Once a venue for live music, when re-opened will also include a hotel possibly changing their clientele. The change has not gone unnoticed by the locals. Some have protested the decision to remove live music from the list of available activities. 

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what opening day looks like to judge the pubs ability to cater to the community.