Live Show 4

This week I would say the lack of communication within our VT group was at an all time high. Myself and another member of the group were not present during Monday’s production meeting so the decisions about what package we would produce was out of our hands. The remaining two members decided between themselves the story and who the group editor was but it slipped their minds to let us know the direction we were taking. The following day we had three member present but none of us were sure what the story was (due to lack of communication) so Leanne took it upon herself to research the story in it’s entirety as well as writing the script, whilst I prepared questions to ask for vox’s. We were unable to obtain the correct equipment for ourselves but thankfully James allowed us to borrow his and once we filmed Leanne edited the piece. In the future I would say we have to use the slack group chat more often and not just in case of emergency. Everybody needs to be briefed and up to date when it comes to packages so we can help as much as possible.

For the live show it self I feel my bulletin reports had improved greatly since last week. Practicing the lines as much times as possible by myself and during the run through helped greatly as I felt less pressure and more prepared. Whilst I was unwell during the week I feel I could rely on my team for extra support. Francisca was the bulletins editor and we were able to make a good team. The chemistry between Shola and George means the shows end up successful anyway and for the most part the show ran smoothly I would say.  every week i think there is some sort of problem with the sound and also Delina’s mic was turned up too high for the in studio interview. Only a few minor issues which can easily be improved on next week when we shuffle roles.

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