Live Show Week 5

After a week off from live shows we are back to a rocky start. Over the weekend I took it upon myself to book the kit in advance so we wouldn’t face the same issues as last time and be more prepared. We found it difficult to find a story and once we did it was hard to schedule a time to film that worked with everyone’s availability. Nobody wanted to film on Monday so I waited until 2 and collected it myself and went home with it. On Tuesday 3 of us went out to film what we could, going to supermarkets and corner shops to film GV’s and the student union for Vox’s. Theo took the equipment home so he could do a filming sequence and in place of a “expert interview” he found a case study to film and edited the piece. I still think we lack communication as a group and we tend to think about ourselves instead of what will benefit the group. I think that we don’t always need to do things all together for it to be successful but we do need to let each other know what’s happening with each other.

For this weeks live show I think it was the worst we’ve been in terms of preparation and time management. For the morning it was very relaxed with no real organisation or instructions so when the afternoon came we were rushing and hardly had time to do a run through which was important and there were changes that needed to be practiced. This week my role was floor manager so I was in charge of making the studio a safe environment and taking care of any possible hazards. In addition I had to find seating and a clear path for visitors we had watching the show as well as marking places for people to stand and the position of the lighting so the shots could be good. I had a very hands on role this week and the communication between Delina, Francisca and myself was amazing and crucial for what Delina had plans in terms of lighting and moving elements. Overall we some how managed to have a successful show even with all the set backs and time restraints. 

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