Will Malcolm, age 22 of Bristol is a freelance video editor by profession, but with a YouTube following of over 12.5k, he is a scooter enthusiast at heart. Always being a fan of riding scooters, at the age of 13, Malcolm saw someone perform a ‘tail-whip’ (a trick in which the base of the scooter rotates 360°), and decided to look up how to do it.

This is where his love of the sport began. Malcolm’s second love is film, which as a child was shown through his ‘short edits’ and ‘video skits’. Combining these two hobbies together formed his YouTube channel; ‘mintorange’, which he believes ‘brought comedy to scooting’.

Although confident in his ability Malcolm- who identifies as a street scooter rider- also admits to the hardships of being scared to perform certain stunts, saying “it’s a tricky thing as you can psych yourself out” Malcolm is now working on a short film surrounding his journey on a scooter. 

Will Malcolm With His Personalised Scooter


Will Malcolm Riding On A Rail


Alongside the London Southbank Skatepark in which we interviewed Malcolm, was 38yo Angela Michel. A tourist, she believes the skatepark is a good thing for the youth to get into. She even believed that “they should have more space”. She enjoys watching skateboarding and scooting as it shows hard work, and she “admires their work looked focus”

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