Mclaren house is home to rats and mould as students complain about the living conditions of standard rooms. 


London Southbank University students are complaining that their accommodation is overpriced as staff are rude and facilities are below basic. These conditions include equipment issues, mould and rats. 


Ciaran Pittaway a student said: “You pay £158 a week for rude staff and bad showers.”


Showers provided lack hot water, are covered in mould and flood the bathroom. This is a problem as one student flooded four floors recently.

Mould In Showers


Issues often go unsolved as A.9 reported their fridge multiple times which took maintenance three weeks to respond.The problem was not solved.Maintenance men are ineffective and overstep their boundaries by entering flats without knocking. Students have expressed how this makes them uncomfortable.

Issue With The Fridge

As for rudeness, Ciaran said: “Staff take 3 hours to process deliveries and get annoyed if you come before they are done.”


Students feel that the price difference between the “standard” and “premium” rooms is significant in which they receive a cleaner environment with working equipment. 


Some rooms are infested with rats and complaints have been made to Mclaren over the usage of drugs and many students dislike the noise in the courtyard that continues into the early hours.


Students feel that their complaints are not heard and have since turned to a social media account to complain.


Comments are yet to be made from a representative of Mclaren House.


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