Live show role November 15th

On the live show that week. I worked as an on the day reporter. I went out with Sidney to the Student life centre where a entrepreneurial market was taking place. Together we interviewed the person responsible for organising the event as well as some of the stall owners. When I was back in the newsroom, I transcribed the interview that I had recorded in order to give Sidney quotes that he could use to write the written article.


After that I again edited and uploaded another football clip to be used in the bulletins as well as writing the script that the bulletins presenter read out on the show.

Live show role November 9th

On the November 9th show. I did not have an actual on the day role. However because I had recorded the University football team the previous day. I edited and uploaded one of the goals scored in the game so that it could be shown during the bulletins. In addition to that, I also wrote the script that the bulletins presenter read out. 


In addition, as I had been the director for the previous two live shows, I also offered any help or advice to the new director this time around. 

Live Show role 30/10/2017

On the live show that week I was once again directing the live output of the show.


First of all, I checked Dropbox to see that all VT’s were the correct resolution of 1920x1080px. After viewing all the VT’s to check for any problems that could be resolved such as lower thirds not being put in or being the incorrect format and asking the VT team to edit the package to correct the problems. 


I then set up the cameras. Unlike the first live show, we decided on a two camera set up for the sofa presenters. The second camera would be used when the presenters cut to social media and bulletins. I then checked that all VT’s and bulletin pieces were on the laptop ready for broadcast.


The production meeting happened later that I originally wanted. Early on in this year, people have been going for their breaks at separate times which can sometimes delay things moving along. Rehearsals for the show were quite disastrous. The opening credits weren’t done, the script wasn’t correct and wasn’t fully loaded into the autocue. One of the VT packages was also not loaded into the correct laptop meaning is wasn’t ready to go out. Rehearsals were more stop start as a result. However despite this the live show went very well. There was one problem when we cut over to bulletins though. The sound had been turned down on one of the little twist buttons above the audio levels switches. As we were told not to tamper with these, we didn’t know what was causing the problem. Despite that and a poor rehearsal the live show went very well.