The return of the stallion

After flogging us so much rubbish recently, what harm in re-flogging their returning stud.


After nine years out to stud, Lloyd’s bank took the decision to bring their famous black horse back from the wilderness that it had been grazing ever since the bank helped bring the country’s economy to its knees.


Set against predictably somber music, surely designed to shoot a subliminal “we’re sorry” into our brains, the 90-second ad takes us through a heavily condensed 250-year history of the UK. From helping to plow the fields in the Industrial revolution to escorting troops on the frontline in the first world war. It may come as no surprise that the people behind this were the same people who brought us the “cozy, everything’s nice and warm and mushy” John Lewis Christmas ad featuring Monty the penguin.


Now you wouldn’t expect an advert to remind us that it helped balls up the nations economy leading to a decade of contraction that meant the vast majority of Lloyds’ customers lost out whilst the people responsible continued to pocket millions. But the return of the iconic black horse, synonymous with the bank since its creation seems to suggest the bank is now confident enough in its public image that was so badly damaged by its own actions to bring the historic stallion out of retirement.