Strictly Come Dad Dancing

From Labour’s political bruiser to Strictly’s heart melting twinkltoes, Ed Balls proves there is life after frontline politics.


Michael Portillo may have his train programs but it’s Ed Balls that is showing former politicians that life after Westminster doesn’t have to be a dusty lobbying or consultancy jobs. The scandal of former ministers walking straight into big business after being booted out of office would be solved if they just had half the balls that Ed does.


From week to week, he has stumbled, tripped and wobbled his way into the hearts of the nation that have taken to him in their millions in stark contrast to the millions who didn’t take to Balls’ five point plan for growth during the 2015 election. Politics is full of what ifs. What if Al Gore had won those extra 500 votes in Florida and become president rather than George W. Bush springs readily to mind. What if the public had taken to Balls’ and Labour’s economic plan, he would now being residing in number 11 Downing Street trying to deal with the fallout of leaving the EU and Donald Trump as the next US President.


Put all that in front of someone and you can’t blame them for deciding to take up the sparkles and glitter and parade around doing Gangnam style in front of millions of people watching live on TV, surely beats treasury questions on BBC Parliament right? There would have been plenty of people who sighed when Balls was announced on the Strictly lineup, but no one can now say that he has had some kind of revival right in front of our eyes. The stark contrast between the Balls we knew bruising it up with George Osbourne and the infectious relationship he has with his professional dancing partner Katya Jones just has a way of making the sides of your mouth tilt upwards in that guilty smirk way. Perhaps not as much as the pure joy and delight Ed seems to display not only after every dance he stumbles through but mainly at the surprise every week when he realises the public actually like him for a change and keep him for another week of his classic dad dancing.



Ed Balls and dance partner Katya Jones dancing Gangnam Style


As entertainment goes, and lets face it, that is what Strictly is, it’s hard not to laugh when Ed rides the Gangnam pony on top of Jones, it brought the audience to their feet including Balls’ wife and current Labour MP Yvette Cooper who had that look on her face that was a mixture of, yes I’m proud of my husband but I know my work colleagues are going to take the piss on Monday. Well they may or they may not, but was is clear is that Ed Balls is here to stay.