“Childhood Over, Adulthood Begins” Nick Newton: A Profile

The whole concept of starting university can and is daunting to many young people, but just as trepidation is something most new uni students experience, so it is that excitement and optimism often counter any doubts.


This is something I discussed when I sat down with Nick, a first year journalism student. His experience is typical of many other students. Like many other students who both live and study in the capital Nick lives at home during term-time. He told me this was a deliberate choice as transition is difficult hence his decision to apply exclusively in London.


This doesn’t remove all the concerns. He told me of the stark difference between college and university, the “lack of structure” along with no longer being able to “avoid responsibility at university” is something virtually every new student has or will discover. 


Despite that, there was a sense of optimism throughout the interview, his advice to new students to “get sorted, get prepared, get all the information you can” and “take as much as you can” is what you would expect from someone looking to get as much out of university life as possible.


Moving on, I ask why journalism? This led Nick to describe his passion for sport, particularly football and more interestingly, Nick’s favourite sport basketball and the American NBA. Not being up to date on my NBA knowledge I got given a brief overview on some of the big NBA teams Nick follows, the LA Lakers and LA Clippers along with the New York Knicks. At this point I plucked up the courage to take a shot at naming another. “The Denver Nugggets I say nervously. The delight when he tells me I was right!