Room – A masterful look inside the tightest of bonds

Brie Larson and Jacob Trembley brilliantly take us inside a story filled with despair, heartbreak and innocence in Lenny Abrahamson’s marvelous drama with a twist.


Every preconception of Room may have you thinking it’s just another kidnap/crime film. The Joseph Fritzl case springs immediately to mind. At play, here however, is a perfect concoction of brilliance from all sides that makes this so much more. There is so much to bring tears to your eyes throughout the 2-hour journey. And a journey is what this is. An experience rather than a simple movie. Something that you find yourself following intently immersing yourself in the experiences of the two protagonists.


Brie Larson stars as Joy, a 24-year-old woman and mother to five-year-old Jack (Jacob Trembley), seven years prior, Joy was abducted on her way home by a man known only as “Old Nick”. The film brilliant blends the two characters very different understanding of the world. Joy knows what the real world is yet out of sheer maternal devotion, the real world is contracted only into the “room” that she and Jack reside.


Joy and Jack cuddle together in a hammock
Joy (Brie Larson) and Jack (Jacob Trembley) 

Even within the first few minutes, you are immediately made to feel both Joy’s pain and Jack’s innocence as he wakes up on his fifth birthday with the same delight and excitement you would expect from any five-year-old. Joy of course playing along, feigning the same excitement, whilst hiding her despair from Jack but not from us.


Eventually Joy and Jack manage to escape, but from that they enter new unknows. Especially for Jack who has never experienced the outside world in his short life save for a skylight in the shed they called “room”. With Joy desperately trying to adapt to a world in which she has returned, she finds that the lack of confinement means she cannot hold on to Jack everywhere he goes.


Room is a completely different story to how it appears, it deals not with their confinement but the relationship that exists between mother and son, not a story of kidnapping but a love story between two characters so touchingly portrayed that you feel truly invested in their lives. For all the childhood innocence you see from Jack, your heart breaks knowing the reality it is set in.


Room is available on DVD and on Amazon Prime now.

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