Laughter solves all

In a week where the world took a sharp intake of breath, Adam Hills of The Last Leg always know how to restore a smile to your face


It’s fair enough to assume over the last few days that there are plenty of people quietly sulking, head slumped in hands wondering how the hell the world ended up where it was. Without pouring over all the depressing horror that the world has seen over the last few months there has always been one refreshingly cheery way to end your week.


The Last Leg now in its 9th series with its perineal Aussie host Adam Hills of course was originally spawned during the London 2012 Paralympics but its focus on disability issues has now given way to create the razor-sharp Friday night live satire show we now love.


Jumping straight into the main headlines of the week, unsurprisingly they weren’t struggling, Hills jumped straight into his clinical dissection of America’s next president. It is with such surgical hilarity that Hills along with his dependable co-hosts Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe brutally attack the rank hypocrisy of so many American’s upset with the result. As with every show, Twitter is vital to the shows comedy, the live nature of the show keeps both the audience and the presenters in touch with each other.


There is so much to love about The Last Leg, this episode epitomised why the show is so easy to love. This isn’t just three guys mucking about having a laugh among themselves, we have (or at least had) Top Gear for that. Hills taking to task a former Republican congressman turned radio host for saying that he would “grab his musket” if Trump lost then pointing out that on the day after the election the very same man posted that the “anti-Trump cry-babies need to accept the result and show respect”. Only Hills has the power and authority to deliver this single act of hypocrisy that would normally make you sigh and instead make you chuckle your worries away.


Satire is hard, it’s not enough to have a funny comedian. The Last Leg is superbly written, that fact the show goes out live only complicates things further. Nothing in the UK comes close to matching the cutting-edge satire of the Channel 4 show. Only Last Week Tonight with John Oliver over in the states offers the same level of hilarity. What makes these shows succeed is the mix of humour with moments that make you generally reflect. When Hills looked directly into the camera and said we should give Trump a chance as president but refused to give him a pass for the offensive language, noting the increase in hate crimes against minorities. The trickledown effect of these hateful comments has genuine impact on society.


It’s these occasional acts of genuinely sensible points mixed in with outrageous humour and for some reason the spontaneous appearance of Basil Brush along with the now famous “bulllshit buzzer” made famous by Nick Clegg that give the Last Leg its charm and it’s constant interaction with its viewers ensure it will only get stronger.