Assassins Creed Rogue Review

Ubisoft’s seventh instalment provides a wonderful continuation in the Templars vs Assassins saga, this time with a twist in the long running historical action series 


4 star rating 

The prospect of a video game series releasing a new title every year is nothing new. It often proves a saga’s biggest problem as they suffer from franchise fatigue. FIFA has managed year to year to provide a solid if not spectacular update to its football game with the occasional masterpiece to keep it fresh. Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed is that in reverse, each year’s addition is exceptional and 2014’s Rogue is no different.



You are Shay Patrick Cormac. A rough Irish assassin from a troubled background who finds meaning in the liberty that the assassins fight for. However, after being sent on an assignment to Lisbon to retrieve a powerful “piece of Eden” Shay, unaware of the true power of the artefact causes a huge earthquake to hit the city killing thousands of innocents, the people the assassins are sworn to protect.

Assassins Creed screenshot
Shay in action


Horrified at what he sees as his his mentors blasé attitude, Shay abandons the assassins, throwing in his lot with the Templars, the sinister group intent on providing “peace through control.” As you navigate through a series of missions to hunt down your former friends, you embark on a slightly fictionalised version of history set against the backdrop of the seven-year’s war in the US. You meet real life characters such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson interacting with them as you go.


The game is a beautiful link in the series. It provides brilliant context to Assassins Creed III released in 2012 but for which it serves as a prequel. Likewise, a wonderful sequel to 2013’s Black Flag. As ever with Assassins Creed, the graphics are the envy of the gaming world. Only bettered by Rockstar’s 2010 Red Dead Redemption. The mix of land and sea along with numerous side missions will keep you glued to your controller for hours.


Assassins Creed screenshot
Shay kills an assassin with his sword and dagger


Assassins Creed Rogue is available is Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft PC now

See the trailer here