I want Norwich to Stand Out

In recent years, Norfolk has seen a large influx of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds moving into the county.


This has brought many different foods, shops, and other new changes into Norwich, as well as many businesses to contribute to our ever-growing economy.

As a young person from an ethnic minority background, it is very important to me that people from other countries and cultures feel welcomed in Norfolk. We want Norwich to be a city that stands out and appeals to people who are looking for a place to live in the UK. 27,414 people migrated to Norfolk in 2015-2016 and this number is expected to rise, meaning there will be more foreign workers and more children from different backgrounds in our schools.

I feel like as young people we have done a great job of making newcomers feel welcome by showing interest in their culture and lifestyle. We believe that this is what every decent person should do, as where a person comes from has nothing to do with whether they are good or bad, they are just people.

I feel like this is a view we need to adapt as a society if we wish to remove prejudice and eliminate discrimination. Now, when it comes to schools, I feel like all schools have done a great job at making all different kinds of children and young people welcome, with some schools even holding certain events for festivals like Diwali.

All of this has led us as youngsters to believe that we have got a great attitude and spirit when it comes to welcoming, and accepting different cultures and ethnicities. I believe that as a nation we can help further integrate people into our country by providing them with language classes in order to help them learn our language and better communicate with us, but the real key is to be accepting and friendly to all sorts of people and make sure that they feel truly at home here.

So I believe I speak on behalf of not just myself, but young people across the country when it comes to this topic, and I hope that you will take a few minutes out of your day to think about how you can change the world for the better, and present people new to Norfolk with a warm welcome so that they see Norfolk as a permanent home.