Wrong Shoe: A slice of Fringe Fest in Croydon.

I met with my friend Alfie Rakley, a young graduate living in London, who, along with two of his friends Matty and Michael, started a theatre company in London, Colourfully named “Wrong Shoe”. I was originally invited to come and watch a “scratch” night. A night where different writers, directors and actors get to collaborate on theatre and show their talent to an audience. On the night I attended it was a horror-themed affair.   Two main pieces stood out to me, one based around childhood trauma, using fear of clowns and what the audience eventually finds out is a shared traumatic experience shared by the characters, named “The Clown” The other was directed by Alfie and was called “Cut”, a story of an

Modern Concentration Camps

Currently, we live in a world where concentration camps and genocide are still apart of daily life. These camps exist in western China, the Chinese government describe them as voluntary re-education camps to help re-educate the ethic of the area, the Uyghur Muslims. However, I will be going through multiple different sources to show how China is abusing its Muslim population and trying to wipe them and their culture from the earth. You’ll hear about how people are being sterilized, separated from their infant children, being forced to eat pork, banned from praying and treated like criminals due to their religious beliefs.     I’ll start with discussing an account given by Gulbahar Jalilova, of her time within one of the “re-education camps” in

Why I Love Professional Wrestling.

In this post, I will be discussing why I believe that professional wrestling is a medium like no other.   Let's start by addressing the elephant in the room, Professional Wrestling is a form of scripted entertainment where two or more performers put on a show based around telling a story through combat. I mean to say, it is not a legitimate competition between two rival athletes but rather an art form whereby the performers work together to invoke a response from their audience. My two sources of inspiration for writing this come in the form of youtube videos, one colourfully titled Wrestling isn't Wrestling. In which Hollywood writer Max Landis narrates the story of a performer known as Triple H, and accounts his