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I am someone who struggles to give a concise self-description.

On one hand, I’m politically interested. I do my best to keep up with global news and politics, yet I also keep a keen eye on domestic affairs here in the UK. I have an interest in Human Rights, Gender Politics, Race relations and the experience of the LGBTQ+ community.

A fairway for me to next describe myself is with my love of otherwise niche culture; Particularly my interests in Japanese anime & Manga and also my interests in professional wrestling.

Although the link between these subjects may not be immediately clear, I believe that all art reflects aspects of society and life unto us and significant knowledge can be gained when experiencing new ideas. Especially when confronted with information we may find initially challenging.

Otherwise, there’s not much to know, I’m from London, living in the proverbial “melting pot” of culture has led me to many wonderful and intriguing experiences that I’ll cherish for a long time.

My life here in London has given me a wealth of ideas and virtues to live by, such as the right to a free life and the freedom of expression.