(Notice has been put up at Frimley station in an attempt to advise passengers on future travel plans)

RMT workers continue their strikes into the new year after a long running dispute with the network rail over pay and working conditions. It has been revealed that in this first week of the year four in five trains will be cancelled as members of the public are urged to not travel unless absolutely necessary. Those who rely on the rail network have been left stranded and majority of the Southwest region has been affected by these strikes.

There is no doubt about the cost-of-living crisis in the UK as multiple industry workers have taken action against their employers over, pay and working conditions. Over the festive period and new year, the RMT union have scheduled multiple strikes leaving the public stranded. Those living outside of London have been affected most, as one commuter was left stranded in Ash Vale with no further trains into London.

Natalie (33) was raged by the travel disruption as she commented ‘It’s absolutely unacceptable- they’ve increased ticket prices but have completely disrupted the whole nations travel.’ Although many are in the same position as Natalie and have been impacted first-hand by these strikes, much of England and the north have sympathies with the RMT workers. Multiple industries have disputed the issue of pay including NHS workers as ‘it is simply not enough to live on minimum wage in an ever-increasing era of inflation’

Both the North and Southwest region have been severely impacted with almost no way into London. Alternatives routes have been listed and the public has been urged to either stay at home or use buses. With almost a 7-hour journey time and multiple changes by bus, colleges and universities have been forced to move lessons online as well forcing business workers to work from home.

(Trains from Frimley are at a halt with no services running at full capacity till 8th January)

Although the government has offered a rise in pay, the union has rejected the offer and stand firm in their action. Commuters are left in a panic as the cost of travelling into London by car hits almost £50 for a day’s drive. With more to industrial action to come this week, will the government extend a hand to RMT workers, or will the strikes continue?

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