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Students out of London, who had hopes to study in QMUL are disappointed with the accommodation facilities

Students from out of London, are disappointed with the accommodation facilities in QMUL. Instead of residing in the student accommodation, they decided to stay at a landlord’s house and pay rent. Students are astonished about the vast amount of complaints, stating that the rent is too expensive, issues about bathroom facilities, saying that pipes don’t work and they felt insecure about their privacy. If they were any issues, and students needed to complaint, it took time to solve the problem. Also, students felt unsafe about their surroundings in Mile End, due to the increasing crime rate.


Students felt positive about staying in the landlord’s house because they are satisfied about paying rent, as its cheaper than the student accommodation, and they are satisfied with the facilities, and any concerns will be solved quickly. Furthermore, as they are staying out of Mile End, students felt more secure and safe. Also, students are happy that they are staying in touch with their families as their families have been worried about their children residing in such a terrific place.

Thresia James (26) from Wales, who is studying medicine at Barts and London Medical School (QMUL), is currently doing placement had stated about the issues faced in the QMUL accommodation. Presently, she is residing in the London Borough of Redbridge. Though there are some issues in the borough, she said that she felt more “safer”, she is capable of “keeping up with rent” and she feels that she is in a “more comfortable space” and is fully satisfied with her roommates and the landlord. She also has a good relationship with her family in Wales.


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