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The parish churches was proud of the confirmation youth team, as they took their faithful step, participating in key roles in the church.

On Sunday 21st November, at St. John Vianney catholic church, Clayhall, the confirmation youth team participated in major roles during the Holy mass. It was a very special day as it was the feast of Christ the King. These youth members from two parishes, St. John Vianney, Clayhall and Our lady of Assumption, Hainault have proven themselves to become adult Catholics as they have been taking responsibilities and action to show how they keep their faith and will they keep their faith in the future.

The key roles that these youngsters participated were, becoming readers, offertory as in collecting money for donations and bidding prayers. As readers, two confident youngsters, William Cashman (16) and Jeshani Bhaskar (14) stood up in front of the people and read the bible verses aloud, and other youngsters have volunteered to collect money for donations, and Aidan Julian (15), who proved himself to be a better role model spoke out the final bidding prayers at the end of mass.

Confirmation youth team

Aidan Julian (bottom left) who performed the final bidding prayers, and as a strong strong confirmation candidate, felt “proud” and “confident” to defend his faith and become part of a true catholic, and even so, volunteered to say the final bidding prayers. In the future, he decided to become a more “responsible adult Catholic by attending mass more frequently and taking part in charities”.

After teaching and guiding these youngsters to a spiritual life, the catechists are proud of how the youth co-operates and show a better image for the two parishes. Penelope Dixon, who has been the lead catechist for over 10 years was admired of the commitment that these teens have taken. As she is more dedicated and supportive to her faith, she also said that in the future she would be, “looking forward to helping to guide another group of young people on the road to becoming adult Catholic Christians, well ready to assume their role in tomorrow’s Church.” A young catechist member, Stephanie Sarpong who has been in the parish church of St. John Vianney Catholic Church for over 10 years, has plans to “create and encourage a community of young Catholics who can grow together in faith”. She also chose this role as she expects “young people to continue their faith” and she says she “hopes to influence young people in a positive way with my real life experience and be honest and open in discussions about out faith”.

Catechists: Penelope Dixon (left), Antonio Josef and Stephanie Sarpong

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