Difficulties with Online Learning

Online learning was a challenge for many students in the UK
A laptop open with an online learning app. Credit to Computer Friendly

Online learning was a massive struggle for students at LSBU, as well as across the UK. Almost all universities and schools used some form of online learning whether it was Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. Shamnaz, a LSBU said: “I think we all worsened our learning” and it was “easier to concentrate if it was in person.” Similarly, Amalia, a LSBU student said: “concentrating” was the hardest part of online learning for her “because you’re at home … [with] many distractions.” 

Online learning suited some students’ learning style, but others detested it. It is evident that a learning environment can make a big difference on a student’s education. Shamnaz said: “Definitely no” when asked if she easily adjusted to online learning. As lockdowns started to end in the UK, schools and universities gradually opened leading to students getting used to a new normal. Shamnaz said: the atmosphere was “definitely different”, but that “we haven’t sort of returned back” since she often has online classes. Students will continue to experience the consequences of online learning, both positive and negative.

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