Is November too soon for Christmas decorations?

Westfield Mall already has Christmas decorations up in mid November
Christmas decorations (hanging, multicoloured lights) inside Westfield Mall 
Christmas decorations (A Christmas tree, Christmas lights, plastic igloos and a lit up carousel) outside Westfield Mall

Westfield Mall, as well as many other businesses and shops around London and the UK have  put up Christmas decorations in early or mid November leading to some people wondering whether it’s too soon. The Mirror did a survey of 1,000 people and found that on average British people put up their Christmas decorations 27 days before Christmas. Juliana, a passerby and shopper at Westfield Mall said: “I think the beginning of December is the right time to put up Christmas decorations. Especially because Christmas countdowns are mostly 25 days long.” This survey lines up with her view as it shows that most families wait almost a month to put up their decorations.

Christmas decorations often start to appear in towns and cities in November, even though Christmas Day is the 25th of December every year. There are many reasons as to why businesses put up decorations so early, but arguably the major reason is consumerism. Juliana said: “I think people put up decorations so early because businesses sell products early. Also, a lot of people like to switch immediately from Halloween/Fall decorations to Christmas decorations. I think businesses put up decorations early because they sell Christmas products early as well.”

It cannot be ignored that there are external pressures as to when Christmas decorations are put up. Each family has their own traditions as well as every culture who celebrates Christmas. For example, Germans light four candles, one every Sunday, before Christmas meaning the decorations must be up in time for the first Sunday, which is the 28th of November this year. Juliana said: “I believe that most people feel required to put up Christmas decorations, but some people may have a tradition. I definitely believe businesses only feel required to put up Christmas decorations.” 

Even though Christmas decorations might go up quite early, they make a town or city look special and beautiful. Some places in the UK may use the same Christmas decorations every year, whilst others regularly change them every year. Christmas decorations also make people feel a variety of emotions, depending on whether they enjoy the holiday or not. Juliana said: “I like Christmas decorations because seeing the decorations makes me feel the Christmas spirit.”

When Christmas decorations are put up also depends on the current economic situation. Not only do families and businesses have to account for the price of Christmas decorations, but also the price of gifts and the Christmas meal. Juliana said: “I think the average family spends about £2000 at Christmas time in the UK.” Go Compare found that the average British household spends £719 on Christmas in 2018. Collectively, the Nation spends £19.5 billion in total in 2018. Lastly, the right time to put up Christmas decorations is ultimately up to the individual or business.

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