What is it like to report a fire?

2 black, orange, green and yellow building vehicles in a half finished room. There is no floor, but rather the grey foundation, and half of the tan walls are missing. In the right middle are 2 broken windows from the blaze. There is white and red safety tape blocking off the vehicles. One of the back of the building vehicles is open and black from the flames.
The building vehicle that was on fire in the house
Watch the video below to see my experiences of reporting a fire next door

I have also included the transcript of the video for those who would rather read my piece of work about reporting a fire. In addition, I have included the images that were used in the video.

My first suspicions

It was a bit past midnight on the 5th of April that I heard a fire alarm go off. I knew it wasn’t from my home so I wandered around my house to see if I was going crazy. I also smelled smoke from the lounge where I was sitting. Then I suddenly looked outside the window and saw flames next door. 

Reporting the situation 

Firstly, I called 999 and reported the fire to the emergency services. The phone operator asked me very helpful questions and the fire trucks would soon arrive in five minutes. Thankfully the house was currently a building site, so there was little damage besides some broken windows.

Secondly, I woke up my family that was in the home and told them everything that had just happened. They also heard the alarm and smelled the smoke, but I was the one who reported the incident.

The emergency services arrive

Two fire trucks soon arrived and my dad and I watched them connect the water mains to their hose. The firefighters put out the blaze quite quickly. The smoke from the house was so large and smelled horrible. This was the case even though it was small and vertical, so we came back inside.

The ending

Afterwards, they inspected the house at night and the following day as well. A police officer asked some questions about what I had seen and heard. From what we know so far, one of the building vehicles was in flames. However, the cause of the fire is still unknown. Once my adrenaline wore off I went to bed and that’s what it was like to report a fire.

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