Court Report

Outside of the Inner London Crown Court. Credit to N Chadwick on Geograph

The Inner London Crown Court heard the case of Alexandros Stylianou presided over by Judge Newbury. Mr. Stylianou was being charged on two counts by the Crown Prosecution. The first was possession of an offensive weapon. The second was assault or occasion of bodily harm. 

The prosecution alleged that Mr. Stylianou had a baseball bat on him and intended to assault Mr. Stevens. A prosecution witness argued that Mr. Stevens was running away from Mr. Stylianou with his hands up. Another witness said Mr. Stylianou and his sister crowded the car of Mr. Stevens and hit the car with a baseball bat. Also, Mr. Stevens had a finger injury from the fight when trying to avoid his head being hit. The police said his finger was “massive” from the swelling. 

The prosecution alleged that Mr. Stylianou was ready with the bat, but the defence questions whether he already had it out when the incident occurred. The defence argued that Mr. Stylianou went to his car 10 metres away to retrieve that bat as he and his sister were frightened by Mr. Stevens, and that he didn’t strike him at all. They further alleged that he didn’t join the fight, but only did so as an act of self defence. 

The 12 person jury heard the case laid out by the barristers and had to consider whether it was a spur of the moment or a deliberate act with intention. The jury will reach their verdict tomorrow on whether Mr. Alexandros Stylianou was guilty or not. 

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