Londoners protest against Polish abortion ban

People gathered outside the Polish Embassy in Marylebone last night to protest against new abortion rules, which were announced by Poland’s Constitutional Court two days ago.

Protesters showing their disagreement with new abortion laws outside the Polish Embassy (via @razym.londyn on Facebook, 2020)

The late evening protest was held by Razem, a Polish left-winged party, which disagrees with Poland’s Court’s new decision of banning almost all terminations. Abortions are now unconstitutional in cases of foetal defects and the exception will only be in cases of rape or incest, or if the mother’s health is at risk.

Razem fights for the unconditional right for Polish women to terminate their pregnancy for any reason and aims at protecting women’s rights to decide about their bodies, health and lives.

“We are anarchists and we believe that every person should be able to self-determine about their body and reproductive rights.” said one of the Razim’s supporters.

More than two thousand people came to protest peacefully. However, the demonstration soon turned to a violent riot, therefore the policemen had to strike.

Razem and its allies are now organising protests not only in Poland but also in other European cities such as Haque, Paris, Brussel or Amsterdam. Another protest outside the Polish Embassy in London is set on Monday afternoon.

Besides participating in the demonstrations, people can also send money to support Abortion Dreamteam organisation, which helps with providing the access to safe abortion either from home or by going abroad.

The abortion rules in Poland were already one of the strictest in Europe and now once the decision comes to effect, it will mean an almost ban. However, the majority of the Polish public wants all restrictions to be lifted and continues to fight overwhelmingly against further restrictions in the abortion law.