HELL IS HOME tickets are almost gone after one week on sale.

As the coronavirus cases are falling down in England, people are raising hopes for the entertainment industry to re-open by 21st July – now Slowthai is one of the very first artists who takes it very seriously.

Following the release of his second album ‘TYRON’ in mid-February this year, the 26-year-old rapper announced a huge tour for March 2022 with some dates already being sold out. The pre-sale for his ‘Hell is home’ tour was scheduled at 10 AM on Wednesday 3rd March with all tickets being gone after a few hours. The general sale has started two days later with prices starting at approximately £30.

According to his latest tweet from today, stops such as Dublin, Leeds, Nottingham or Cardiff are already out of reach with a few more likely to be sold soon, too. However, the Northampton rapper surprised his fans by adding even more dates and venues to his tour map earlier this week. The tour is going to take place in the UK during March next year with 14 dates confirmed at the moment.

The album, which is linked to the tour, includes names such as A$AP Rocky, Denzel Curry, James Blake or Skepta, and is divided into two seven-track parts. The first half spelt out in caps lock, is highly energised and incendiary, full of yelling, drawing a line between punk and UK rap. The second lower-case one is retrospective and vulnerable, more searching and providing softer moments.


“We all have the side that we don’t show, and the side we show.”

According to Slowthai, the album tells us there are always two sides to every story, which is visible not only in deep lyrics but also in the use of different instrumentals. “Living up to expectations and then not giving a fuck and just being honest with yourself,” he says.

Overall, Slowthai has been rewarding his fans a lot lately. Besides the tour announcement, he also dropped a music video for his song ‘adhd’ this week. You can check it below:

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