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Risen restrictions

PM Boris Johnson initiates the regulations needed to sustain the growth of the virus in the UK

As we are almost at the end of the month, covid has surged higher once again and most certainly will cause a second lockdown.

The latest figures of coronavirus within the Uk have increased to 7,108 cases and another 71 deaths.

Last week the rules had intensified further once governing a restriction to close restaurants, pubs and bars at 10:00pm.

PM Boris Johnson says we as a country are at a ”Critical moment” during a press briefing.

He explains there are plans to adapt the new changes occurring, which cause students to be away from their family during holidays.

Alluding further that there will be a ”paid tribute” to the students while also reassuring they’ll be allowed safely return home during Christmas as plans are being prepared and legislated.

Boris Johnson ”I can assure you; assure everybody at universities that plans are being put in place to allow students home safely for Christmas”

Citizens of the UK can only let time tell how this second wave will affect the country.