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No rush:Andy Burnham puts his foot down for Manchester no rush for tier 3 rules

The Manchester MP prolongs acceptance from the government to input the new tier 3 rules within the city.

Mr Burnham isn’t backing down his decision unless he’s financially funded with enough support.

Yesterday He spoke with the telegraph telling them he believes bringing top tier 3 regulations to Manchester will affect the people the most.

Tier 3 lockdowns have been known to affect the lowest paid citizens of society such as pub workers, security, taxi drivers.

Andy states to the telegraph ”if your going to impose a lockdown here its going to cause certain harm, certain harm”

The MP believes due to infections in Manchester lowering he feels theirs no need to further strain the city.

Infections are still rising for those elderly around the age 60.

From the 4th of October infection cases had risen to 22,961 which then dropped resuming onto 19th of October by 4,158.

Mr Burnham states that experts chief medical officers, advisors, deputy chief medical officer have all stood behind him with his descison.

Agreeing that without full financial aid from the government it will bring harm.

ITV had interviewed Mr Burnham on his decision to delay the tier 3 regulations.

The interviewer sees the decision not imposing tier 3 restrictions as rather defiant and seen as a ”delay”

Seems as though Andy not imposing the governments decisions has made people feel stuck between feeling politically what should be done correct and what morally should be done.