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Soundcloud: VACCINE

second potential vaccine and 95% affected

visa and Bio tech

People are worried with putting something unknown in their body

Sharleen from London wanted to know how long it takes to get a new vaccine?

It takes 10 years

Researchers and experts are using pre existing knowledge checking for safety allegedly wit regards to whether the vaccine will protect people agains the virus

Its a confusing to how the vaccine could be formed in less than a year.

When will they be available to the public?

If everything goes well apparently by Christmas.

Fast Fashion

Indian workers for clothes are being treated poorly and unethically

amy bryer asks people whetehr they care about this.

A man said he can say he does but its hypocritical because he will still buy the clothes that are made by these workers.

A women says we need to be more conscious when shopping for particular brands.

Companies don’t know the people who create these clothes in inda are being exploited.


Over a 1000 more apprentices being made redundant during the covid lockdown have aswell.

A girl saying when she was let go it was pressure and stress for her to pay her bills and make a living.


The lockdown effecting families for holidays

People are stuck between wanting to have a normal big Christmas as usual this year or opening their workplaces instead and saving everybody’s risk of catching the virus or risking a spike.