Hot Girl hairstyles for this Hot Girl Summer

Hot Girl Summer is coming in fast now, with June 21st only being around the corner, so it is time that we start practicing our hairstyling skills just in time for summer.

The first easy Hot Girl hairstyle that is everywhere at the moment is the slick back spikey bun.

Bella Hadid styling the 00s spiked bun.

The slick bun was a huge trend in the early 2000s so of course it has returned in full force.

Bella Hadid has been the face of the trend for months now and continues to wear the style both modelling and just with her everyday streetwear style.

All that is needed for the hair style is a couple of clear hair elastics, a comb and gel or a pomade. 

The style is so simple but is stunning and is perfect for greasy hair days!


Another easy but stunning hairstyle which works on any hair length and texture is to use small butterfly clips to do a half up, half down do.

You can get creative with the butterfly clips and use coloured ones or keep it timeless with a nude clip, both would work perfectly for this Hot Girl Summer.

Butterfly clips to frame the face.

The more clips the better and you can even use them to create a waterfall braid look, without the braiding skills.


A cute way of framing your face and jazzing up your everyday hairstyle is to plait the front two sections of your hair, down from a middle parting.

This is such an easy way of adding something unique to your typical style, this can be dressed up for drinks or just for your everyday style, it’s simple but effective.

A middle parting framed with two braids.

If you don’t want the bulkiness of a bobble or an elastic on the end of the braid a good tip is to back comb the end a little and add some hairspray and the braid should last all day (or night)!


Claw clips came back into fashion last summer and have stuck around again for this Hot Girl Summer.

Claw clips are the perfect hair accessory for this summer.

Claw clips are the perfect way to add a little something to any outfit as they are the easiest accessory to use and make any outfit complete by adding a classic look.

Claw clips are so versatile too, they can be used to hold a slick bun in place but also work for a half up, half down vibe but adding something extra to the back of your outfit.


About the Author

Morgan Fotheringham
Student journalist as London South Bank University.