Students struggling with online education during peak of COVID-19

Back when COVID 19 was first discovered in the UK, things escalated quickly and the whole  country suddenly fell into lockdown. This meant that school, college, university had to be stopped temporarily and had to introduce distant learning. Many people that go to university were also left confused as the government weren’t giving enough information out to the students for the future months of their education, which worried them and their studies

Some students that attend university that pay £9250 a year are not getting their money’s worth as it’s all suddenly online and not the full teaching they had all hoped. From being guaranteed a certain amount of in person teaching to it all being spent online can be hard and stressful as students aren’t getting the full learning experience. For example those that do hands on courses like photography, art etc that involve using equipment from the university may struggle to learn as they don’t have these objects at home

Also some students that go to school rely on going to school to socialise and take their mind away from family life, as things may be not going well at home, so for their mental health a distraction of going to a different environment for a couple of hours to hang around with friends, learn, play sports to keep ‘fit’ would increase their happiness. But obviously due to lockdown and online learning this was difficult as you was always stuck in one environment all the time!!

So many people who found online learning difficult have also mentioned how they miss out on the helo of their teachers and the 1 – 1. And when it was nearing towards exam season for GCSE & A Levels, you would normally get so much help but due to distance learning it was very reduced. It would cause stress to some students because no one knew what was going on. For example it was uncertain weather exams would go ahead or not, or weather we would get predicted grades. And because of the uncertainly it led to stressing students out and doing more work then usual to keep safe as they may do their exams if they weren’t getting predicted grades

But over a year later, when restrictions have been lifted in the UK, full in person teaching have returned, with many more relaxed and happy!!

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