Beyoncé makes history at the 2023 Grammy Awards

American Singer Songwriter Beyoncé had won a record breaking awards at this years Grammy Ceremony which was held in Los Angeles. The singer who is 41 years old has won 32 Grammys, which is the mostin history for any artist. 

She made history this year when she won “best dance/electronic album” for her album called Renaissance which has made her the most grammy award winner artist. The previous title was held by Hungarian British conductor who had 31 Grammys and Beyoncé has over taken him who held the record for more than 20 years which is an incredible achievement! 

She had also won 3 other Grammys the same night, two of them were given out in the premiere before live tv and then 2 were given during the actual show. She had won dance/electric recording, dance/electric album, R&B performance, and R&B song. 

When she accepted the award she said “i’m trying not to be too emotional, i’m trying to just recieve this award” She also had thanked her parents, her husband and her three children before closing her speech. She also thanked the queer community “for their love and for inventing this genre” 

Beyoncé had also the most nominations this year at the Grammys with nine, and it surprisingly ties her all time nominations with her husband Jay-Z who have 88 each.


Chelsea FC confirm Todd Boehly to complete £4.25bn takeover

A couple days ago American billionaire Todd Boehly was officially confirmed by Chelsea as the successor to Roman Abramovich. He was in the stands to watch their latest game which was a 2-2 draw with Wolves, and he is now mapping out his transfer plans for when he is pen on paper confirmed as the club’s next owner. 

It is rumoured that he is prepared to heavily invest in the Chelsea team once his £4.25bn takeover of the London club is finalized. This includes the men’s team, women’s team and the Chelsea academy and also an investment into the clubs stadium ‘Stamford Bridge’. 

Boehly; also owner of LA Dogers baseball team – hopes to make ‘heavy investment’ this summer to bolster Chelsea’s transfer business, as reported by the evening standard, amid fears the club have been left behind after months of crippling sanctions.  

From personal experience hes seen his side struggle against Bruno Lage’s men, so he is very aware of the importance of boosting the squad in the summer transfer market to ensure they remain competitive with Man City and Liverpool next season, after the Blues fell away from the title race at the end of last year.  

The club’s future now seems to be looking up after a rough couple of months of sanctions with Boehly in place to take over, and he is ready to back the manager and give Tuchel the reinforcements he really needs to build up his squad  


Chelsea FC Owner Roman Abrahamovich has been sanctioned by UK Government

Recently Chelsea Football Club Owner Roman Abramovich has been sanctioned by the UK Government as part of attempts to crackdown on wealthy Russians with assets in the country.  

The billionaire has been in charge of the Premier League football club that’s located in west London since 2003 but had his attempts to sell the club halted by the UK government, which has frozen every one of his assets. 

Roman Abramovich  is one of seven more Russian oligarchs who have had sanctions placed on them by the ministers in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It had been stated by the government that Mr Abramovich has had a “close relationship for decades” with Russian President Vladimir Putin which has led to the sanctions.   

Due to the sanctions placed on the club, many things change for the players, staff and supporters for the next couple of months. Firstly the club is still allowed to carry on playing games in the premier league and cup competition. They have been given special license by the government which allows the men’s and women’s teams to fulfil their fixtures for the rest of this season as normal. 

One of the main differences now is that most match going fans can’t attend the games now that there are sanctions in place.  Only season-ticket holders would still be able to attend games at Stamford Bridge as normal, while match tickets sold before the sanctions will be honoured. 

But beyond that, Chelsea supporters cannot buy any new tickets to watch Chelsea.  The club is also unable to sell any merchandise from the club shops. Which is a big let down overall to the supporters. 

Another huge factor while the sanctions are in place, is that Chelsea are effectively under a transfer ban and are unable to buy or sell players. They are also unable to negotiate new contracts for the players they currently own, so leaves an uncertain future for those whose current deals expire in the summer. 

That applies to some of the players; Antonio Rudiger, Cesar Azpilicueta, and Andreas Christensen, although a few of them have been linked with a move to FC Barcelona. So due to these sanctions a few of them may move clubs as the sanctions disallows them to negotiate new contracts.  

Chelsea was put up for sale on 2 March and there are many people and consortiums interested, despite Abramovich being sanctioned. The UK government is open to considering a further addition to the special licence to allow a sale to proceed, but none of the money would go to Abrahamovich.  


Students struggling with online education during peak of COVID-19

Back when COVID 19 was first discovered in the UK, things escalated quickly and the whole  country suddenly fell into lockdown. This meant that school, college, university had to be stopped temporarily and had to introduce distant learning. Many people that go to university were also left confused as the government weren’t giving enough information out to the students for the future months of their education, which worried them and their studies

Some students that attend university that pay £9250 a year are not getting their money’s worth as it’s all suddenly online and not the full teaching they had all hoped. From being guaranteed a certain amount of in person teaching to it all being spent online can be hard and stressful as students aren’t getting the full learning experience. For example those that do hands on courses like photography, art etc that involve using equipment from the university may struggle to learn as they don’t have these objects at home

Also some students that go to school rely on going to school to socialise and take their mind away from family life, as things may be not going well at home, so for their mental health a distraction of going to a different environment for a couple of hours to hang around with friends, learn, play sports to keep ‘fit’ would increase their happiness. But obviously due to lockdown and online learning this was difficult as you was always stuck in one environment all the time!!

So many people who found online learning difficult have also mentioned how they miss out on the helo of their teachers and the 1 – 1. And when it was nearing towards exam season for GCSE & A Levels, you would normally get so much help but due to distance learning it was very reduced. It would cause stress to some students because no one knew what was going on. For example it was uncertain weather exams would go ahead or not, or weather we would get predicted grades. And because of the uncertainly it led to stressing students out and doing more work then usual to keep safe as they may do their exams if they weren’t getting predicted grades

But over a year later, when restrictions have been lifted in the UK, full in person teaching have returned, with many more relaxed and happy!!


Loads of teenagers spiked with injections at clubs in London

Recently a handful of young teenagers in local areas in south london have been spiked or injected with unknown substances when going on a night out. Many were called to go to the hospital when they raised concerns that they were injected with a substance.

It follows a number of nightclubbers recently reporting spiking-via-injection across the country. Hundreds of young teenagers especially women have been found with injected arms after a night out

One local nightclub has stated that “they are regularly working with local bar and club owners to ensure people have a safe and enjoyable time and that there are mechanisms in place if people need help, including the Ask For Angela initiative. In the wake of these incidents, we are liaising with licensing and local venues around safety”

It had been stated that there is gonna be increased reassurance patrols over the coming weekends to keep everyone safe.

The whole injecting and spiking that’s been going on the past couple weeks is disgusting. Teenagers can’t even go on a night out with their friends and enjoy themselves without horrible human beings spiking them

Lucy, 18, London


Students staying in Mclaren House Accommodation shocked at poor facilities

Students that stay in Mclaren House halls of residence were shocked to the sight of ‘dirty’ and disappointing accomadation

The accomadation that’s named Mclaren House had some students very surprised when they turned up to a very disappointing flat and rooms. A couple of days into the first term the doors were broken and were being very dodgy. And it locked people out of the kitchen or room.

When we arrived in the first couple of weeks there were so many dodgy things for example the door handle were broken, and so it locked us out and we had to go and get maintenance. Also the bathroom is a poor condition with it being mouldy.

Ellie, First Year Student at LSBU

Students were very angry as they pay thousands of pounds to stay in these accomadation s and to them it’s very upsetting when it doesn’t live up to the standards that they are paying for

Another problem to do with accommodation was the bathrooms. Firstly it had been stated that it was very “mouldy’ and of poor conditions. Some have even stated that when they go for showers the waters don’t drain properly so this leads to it filling up the bathroom and resulting to it flooding to the flat. Which is very inconvenient as you pay so much money you should get a decent living situation

Loads of complaints from residents have consisted of, ‘mould’, ‘flooding’ “broken door handle” “mice’ etc. But McLaren House and other Student Accommodation linked with London South Bank University have claimed that they are looking into it and will fix all the problems so residents can live happily and stress free.


Outrage at Student Accomodation as guests are banned

Students staying in London South Bank University Halls, McLaren House, have had their license agreement breached by the university by the sudden ban on guests. The no guests policy was introduced for the first few weeks of semester until 20th October to keep the safety of students and covid. But the students feel as if this is a breach of their license agreement.

It is understood that the University have the power to do this only in the event of a pandemic, government restrictions or other catastrophe under section 17.12 of the license agreement students signed by August. Students, who are paying at least £145 a week for their residence, accuse the university of finding poor excuses that barely meet this agreement due to failings in their own security.

One of the reasons why the uni has prevented access to guest to the accomadation is to minimize self-isolation cases as students arrive in halls for the first couple of the semester which is completely understandable, but if students are regurely testing surely there shouldnt be a problem. Another reason why the uni has banned guests is to minimize risk to safety of resident, as you are attempting to enable unathourized guests to gain access to the building. Banning guests for the first month or so also enables new students to enroll as everyone arrives at different times at the accomadation.

Students claim that this is a breach of the license agreement that the students all signed before moving into these halls. The first reason regarding the ‘self isolation’ excuse. This works in the uni’s favor because of their power under “in the event of a pandemic” and we are currently in a pandemic. However, this reason does not cite a pandemic, so is not applicable anyways. Furthermore, to be forgiving, there has not been the “event” of a pandemic since the license agreement was signed and there is no clause stating the need for that power during pre-existing pandemics. Legally, it should be specifid more correctly that its not in th evemt of a pandemic, but rather to prevent the adverse effects of a pandemic. Another reason why students feel like this is a breach of the license agreement is that there has not been a catastrophic event regarding unathourized people gaining access to halls, and any damage or unathourized individuals are the responsibility of those who gave them access, not the entire halls (as it says in the second part of 17.12). the final point made by students is that this does not match the events under which the university has the right to terminate guest visitation by any means and clearly waffle.

“The university are finding poor excuses for banning guests that barely meets the agreements that we signed for before we moved in”

Student that lives in McLaren House