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A Global Problem!

A series of photographs which show the stark reality of global warming. A snowy dump on a white winter’s day unexpectedly brought to the U.K through unsolicited and unnatural weather changes on the second of November, 2010. Untimely weather. The ravaged round rocks abandoned in the scorched barren Egyptian plains photographed on April the first, 2010. A crisp vengeful snowball embedded into an un-...

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Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2012: Review

ALMAS ZAMAN reviews the national portrait gallery’s, Taylor Wessing Photographic Pize 2012. Taylor Wessing Photograpic Portrait Prize National Portrait Gallery 8 November 2012 – 17 February 2013 Tickets £2  Free admission for gallery supporters and children under 12 in family groups. National Art Pass 50% discount Piercing blue, large like orbs and innocent; yet her eyes seduce her adm...

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Internships or Exploitships?

ALMAS ZAMAN looks into the world of internships, interviewing companies and interns about whether or not they are exploitative. LISTEN TO NADIA AND ALBA’S STORY Internships have increasingly become a customary stepping-stone to employment. Everyone’s got to do them; or so we are told. But are they truly useful or are they a way of employers getting free labour. I spoke to Nadia Sultana and A...

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