The Dunsfold Wings & Wheels Air Show 2019

My experience attending and volunteering at the Dunsfold Air Show.


On 18th June 2019 I attended the Dunsfold Air show as an air cadet. A lot of cadets from different air training corps branches were there with me to help out. This cloudy rainy day was the most exciting and interesting day of my life.

I had never been to an air show before and so I didn’t know what to expect. The first couple of minutes after we arrived we were sent for a briefing, Cadet Warrant officers and other high ranked officers explained to us how the day would be laid out. We were to walk around in our allocated areas, answer any questions from the public and make sure things were going smoothly.

The day consisted of a 5-hour air show, a two-hour motoring show, a military zone and parade, and a ‘meet the pilots’ evening session.

The field was incredibly huge, so many aircrafts big and small were parked in different areas, there were craft marquees and also different bazaars of food and games as well as a fairground for family and kids.

As an air cadet we were in our blue formal uniforms so we could proudly represent our organisation, we also were fortunate enough to be able to attend behind the scene areas where the public were not allowed. We could go into the aircrafts and also sit in the cockpit; we could take a look at where the cabin crew like air hostess’s would sleep.

I remember I was patrolling by the top staircase towards a particularly large aircraft and from my view I could see further down below towards a dirt road where little explosions were going off on display for the public. They were loud and quite flashy but also extremely impressive.

In the late afternoon the air show had begun where we were all able to watch the red arrows, as we watched from down below, we had commentators who would explain to us the types of pilots who were flying and the types of manoeuvres that were taking place.

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